😆 Today feels different 😆

Today…… is different from other days.

Today….. I feel lighter than I have ever been.

Today……I feel relaxed and comfortable like a big heavy boulder has just lifted of me.


“Never be afraid to be a minority of one.” – Gandhi.

Don’t waste a day in your life in trying to conform and to fit in with anybody.

It takes courage to be yourself in a world that so often wants to force you into a box and to put a label on you. However, it can be done, and it’s worth every bit of your effort. It may be an inspiration to others but most importantly do it for yourself.


Once you come to realise that you are powerful enough to break the mould and not to fit in, your whole perspective in life changes. So don’t lower your bar of expectations and be the only way that only you can be, be EXTRAORDINARY. Focus your time on people and experiences that only nourish your soul. Always trust your inner voice to speak your truth and walk your path. Nobody else does YOU better than YOU.

🐸 Grateful Fairy 🐸

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